Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 - Not everything works

Issues with Visual Studio 2012 RTM Ultimate edition, extensions and Nuget pkgs.

Recently, I started using Visual Studio 2012 through my MSDN subscription and due to lack of disk space (as I my laptop has 120 GB SSD) I had to un-install Visual Studio 2010, thinking Visual Studio 2012 should be good enough to do whatever i wanted to do.

Only after doing this, I realized, there are heck of problems

Problem 1:
In one of my project, I was trying to make my WCF service claims aware and wanted to test it with local STS. Unlike VS 2010, there is no Add STS Reference menu any more. What you get is Identity and Access Tools as shown below, and if you don't have this action available, go and install it it through your extension manager

Refer this post by Vittorio which refers to new tooling for "Local STS".
Problem is, this works with only ASP.NET web forms project !!
When I do this for WCF Service role (Windows Azure), the Local STS does not start. Unfortunately, all the posts refer to the old Add STS Reference way of establishing trusts between your RP and IDP. I still dont have a solution to resolve this, but once I have it, I will post it in my blog
Problem 2:
There is no concept of Recipe now in RTM, which was there in Beta. With Recipe features Phil Haack has created a nuget package to convert MVC views to mobile views, which was known as "MvcHaack.ViewMobilizer". This is also referred in MVC 4 hands on lab here. Hence that lab will not work.  When I asked this to Phil, he told me that this will not work any more because Recipe feature does not exit in RTM, and hence he removed it from Nuget library
My idea was to develop a cloud based app and showcase the MVC 4 capability for various devices.. but its unfortunate that lot of that i need to do it myself now :), though this is depicted as one of the features of ASP.NET MVC 4 :(
 I am just hoping that there are not many such issues in VS 2012.

Happy cloud-ing..

Cloud Kotecha